• Eugenijus Liubenka

    Q: I fully agree with Raoul. We should not create small, different mechanism of Schengen evaluation, but to extend and use one mechanism that ensures a mutual trust between the MS and this mechanism is the Schengen Evaluation Mechanism!!! (to Dragoș Tudorache)

  • Q: Thanks a lot Sophie, for the quick but clear answer. (to Sophie in 't Veld)

  • Anca Pristavu

    Q: Will a future Schengen Forum provide for a real coordination of solidarity needed measures?

  • Q: You mentioned the European Commission being "shy" in the enforcement of its rules over the individual decision making of the member states, particularly during the pandemic. What strategy could the EU adopt to overcome this "shyness" and gain more control and reinforce its authority in terms of crisis? (to Sophie in 't Veld)

  • Christian Bitschnau

    Q: Why has the Commission not taken action against the clearly unlawful border controls by Germany, France, Austria, Denmark and Norway BEFORE Covid (re. terror threats etc.)? They were introduced years ago and have since been regularly renewed which is clearly not in the spirit of the "temporary reintroduction". (to Natasha Bertaud)

  • Sabine Arnaud


    Q: Do you expect the situation between the Schengen zone and the United States to improve soon ? Could the citizens of the Schengen zone be allowed to travel back to the US during the summer? Could American tourists come back before the end of the season? Or is the American situation still too complicated from a sanitary & political point of view? Thank you!