• Kristian Stokholm

    Danish Social-Liberal Party (MP candidate)

    Q: As a contribution to energy efficiency would also be the use of energy as a “by-product” or even “waste product” - e.g. process heat from one industrial production can be reused in different industrial productions - maybe even different companies. This would require some efforts in organisation but offers a rather quick and substantial impact on both the economic side as well as the CO2-reduction side. Such schemes exist in Denmark and certainly also in other countries, but what can be done to extend them to cross border schemes? (to Catharina Sikow Magny)

  • Francois Paquet

    COGEN Europe

    Q: What about the need for energy efficiency in using fuels such as hydrogen, biogas to avoid the waste of these valuable resources and leave more of them available to decarbonise other sectors of the economy? Unfortunately, the Hydrogen Strategy and the Energy System Integration Strategy do not flag to need for avoiding the waste of these energy sources. What about fostering solutions like cogeneration in priority to close the loop of renewables in the best way, but also avoid waste heat in the first place? (to Catharina Sikow Magny)

  • Eduard Kokaia


    Q: The production of a ceramic foam block using carbon-free technology and without cement will allow at least 20% decarbonization of the expanded clay industry (goo.gl/GMrabP). It is also possible to use a high temperature solar oven, the concept can be checked in DLR or four-solaire.fr. How to find an organization in the EU to research and implement an innovative engineering solution?