• Joseph Wilson

    McGill University

    Q: Follow up question on the question that the concept of Consumer welfare be enlarged. MV replied: that in a case of a merger, if the merging parties have cleared competition concerns, they should also follow environmental regulations. QUESTION; Can the DG comp. block a merger if there is not competition concern, yet there is non-compliance on environmental regulations? (to Margrethe Vestager)

  • Antoine Comont

    Université Laval (Student)

    Q: Is it something thinkable to create a European Research Center in some sectors as energy, automobile and agriculture ? It could be the fruit of the cooperation between private actors and public authorities that will merge their funds within one institution to support the innovation for ecological matters in the perspective of the decarbonization objective. (to Margrethe Vestager)

  • Jacob Parry

    Policy and Regulatory Report

    Q: Could we see a revision of the horizontal guidelines so as to allow the European Commission to include non-economic benefits in its assessment of agreements between competitors? Given the urgency of the climate crisis, could we see the revision of the guidelines and the underlying legislation earlier than 2022?

  • Emanuele MANIGRASSI

    European Aluminium

    Q: The costs of breakthrough decarbonisation technologies for greening energy intensive industries in Europe are in most cases too high and the business case is often not there at all to attract private and public finance. What tools can EU Competition and State Aid policy put in place to support investments in these technologies in Europe and not elsewhere? (to Margrethe Vestager)

  • Theophile Burtz

    Leiden University

    Q: Mr. Canfin, almost a year ago you helped "green"the European Investment bank by increasing it's green investments to 16 Billion Euros a year. The European Court of Auditors researched that we needed more than a trillion euros a year in such investments. Are you satisfied with 16 Billion? If not, what is your objective? what steps will you take to reach your objectives? (to Pascal Canfin)

  • philippe Dumas


    Q: We are concerned by the significant competitive distortion caused by regulations relating to the Internal Market for Gas which gives it a dominant market position at the expense of competition from renewable heating and cooling services, particularly from geothermal energy. could you ensure fair competition for heat services in the EU ? (https://www.egec.org/the-european-union-must-ensure-fair-competition-for-heat-services-in-the-eu/ ) (to Margrethe Vestager)

  • Alexander Tersmette

    Maastricht University

    Q: Dear Pascal, Last Sunday was car-free Sunday in Brussels, I am sure you are aware. I think that is a great idea not only for our physical and mental health but also to cut some emissions for a day. Couldn't there be a car-free Sunday EU legislation? Maybe once a month everywhere in Europe? What do you think? (to Pascal Canfin)

  • Theophile Burtz

    Leiden University

    Q: Renew France advocated for a European Bank of Climate. How would you welcome this policy? How would it fit under the competition rules? Would 1 trillion euros in green bond investments be the landmark project of the Commission you represent? (to Margrethe Vestager)

  • Nicolas Chavonnand-Valades

    College of Europe (student)

    Q: I understand that hand-in-hand cooperation with other parts of EU regulation is important. But before being consumers, consumers are citizens. Shouldn’t the notion of « consumer welfare » be interpreted more broadly than just consumer choice and low prices - allowing Competition law to tackle other issues? (to Margrethe Vestager)

  • Q: Has it started yet ?