• Kristian Stokholm

    Danish Social-Liberal Party

    Q: I have some reservations as to the issues "upscaling/large scale" production. My observation is that local ownership and short transportation routes make a more efficient system in the long run. It is also guarantees a more resilient system.

  • Paolo La Scola


    Q: Will the production of only biogas close the loop, or the composting phase would also be necessary?

  • Jørgen Tørnæs

    Q: Its fine with household waste in biogasplants, but how do we convince the dairys (eks ARLA) also need to accept that the waste from biogas-plants are spread on soil were grass is growing for milk cows

  • Pernille

    Q: Is it possible to watch in the sessions in their original language? (to Asger Christensen)