• Chloé Berthélémy

    European Digital Rights

    Q: Thank you for sharing this information. In light of the EDPS's recent investigation which found that Europol is storing personal data on individuals for whom it is not allowed to do so and that goes beyond its restrictive list provided in the Regulation, how do you justify the need for Europol to get access to and to further process even more personal data held by private companies? Regarding Europol's mandate recast, how will the Commission evaluate the mandate of the Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group, esp. whether that group can really carry out its important tasks? (to Tom Snels)

  • Hannah Bondi (Office of Roberta Metsola)

    Office of Roberta Metsola

    Q: Many thanks for your talk. What preventative measures can be taken to challenge the use of future technologies, such as deepfakes, in the production of child sexual abuse material? (to Tom Snels)