• Karin Heinemann

    Q: Have you considered taking English lessons? (to Radka Maxová)

  • Q: Have you been able to observe that certain political parties or NGOs use transphobia to grab power or destabilize the society by stoking up fears in people? How important is the open and fact-based debate about trans* issues to preserving of democracy in general?

  • Parvy Palmou

    Greek Trangender Support Association

    Q: Recently in our country Greece although LGR has past since 2017 a group of psychologist offer to give certificates for people to "help" them with police checks. They proposed for them to take a picture of documents such as hormonal therapy to show to the police. Our organisation the Greek Transgender Support Association wrote a press release saying that this practices are dangerous and totally transphobic. What is your view on this issue. (to Leo Mulió Alvarez)

  • Q: While A.P, Garçon held forced sterilisation is a violation of Article 8 in the ECHR, Would I be right in saying that other forms of surgical intervention are still within the ambit of the margin of appreciation afforded to states? (Sorry if this is a bit off topic as I know this concerns the council of Europe)