• Prof. Dr. Schöne

    IBIKO e.V.

    Q: Roland Schöne Leiter Seniorenkolleg an TU Chemnitz. Mitglied AIUTA und EFOS 1, Mehr Erasmus+ Projekte für Ältere fördern 2. Austausch Ältere wie Jüngere in EU zum Erfahrungsaustausch 3. Förderung der EFOS und AIUTA Netzwerke durch EU

  • Klas Werner

    Q: Dear Ms Maxová, cca a month ago I sent you several meeting requests as I would like to present to you our organisation supporting people suffering from PTSD. Unfortunately neither you nor your team has come back to me. Disappointment, I must say. (to Radka Maxová)

  • Juozas Žvirgždauskas

    Q: Dear Ms Maxova, the iniative “Senatvė nėra pabaiga” is a new and ambitious platform in the field of lifelong learning, aiming to be implemented Union-wide. Are you familiar with its activities, and are you going to participate? (to Radka Maxová)