• Q: Pas de traduction ?impossible a suivre donc le gros problème avec l Europe..les diffusions ne sont que très rarement traduites et empeche les personnes intéressés de suivre les débats pourtant interressant dommage ...j éteins

  • Jeroen reijnen

    Q: Should we partner up with the US to tackle disinformation together and to increase the costs for foreign state actors?

  • Ellen Wangdell

    Office of MEP Al-Sahlani

    Q: Thank you for an interesting webinar so far, is it possible to listen to afterward as well?

    A: The video is already available for on demand viewing.

  • Jelena Berković


    Q: It's good to see awareness in the EC on the importance of vibrant civil society, especially in the context of data on overall lobbying in Brussels and knowing that Frontex has sent pro-transparency campaigners a €23,700 bill after winning a court case against them. As a watchdog that observed EU elections and then asked about asset cards of Croatian candidate for European Commissioner for Democracy and Demography, we were verbally attacked by our Prime-minister. So, we wonder, how will the EC support the watchdog's role on the EU and the national levels? (to Věra Jourová)