• Ali

    Q: How much would a transition to reach a carbon 0 Europe cost, and would the EU be able to provide enough financial support to the east, an area far poorer than the west, in order to meet a point of carbon neutrality?

  • Zoltan KUN

    Wild Europe

    Q: What is the prediction of the role of forest based biomass in the energy sources in the CEE region? How to respond to the challenges linked to forest biomass? These challenges include: impact on biomass, not carbon zero in the given timeframe. (to Hans van Steen)

  • Tonda

    Q: What role would biomass play in the renewable energy systems and how will the EU approach it? (to Martin Hojsík)

  • Sanjeev Kumar


    Q: Financing energy infrastructure for renewable heating and cooling district heating systems is critical to rapid decarbonisation in CEE countries. It is vital those DH systems linked to coal to switch to geothermal, solar thermal, etc. Should TEN-E be modified to finance these investments? (to Hans van Steen)

  • Adrian Podar

    Adrian Podar

    Q: What European Courses (training) would be possible to be taught so that we can contribute to this field and if there are any is there a body that certifies them?. There's various "courses" that are peddled on the internet but have no value when it comes to getting into the Renewable Energy sector. (to Morten Helveg Petersen)

  • Matthias


    Q: Do you think nuclear is being demonized and could be a could transition energy to a renewable future?

  • Matthias


    Q: What is the biggest obstacle and/or who are the one´s stopping the change? (to Martin Hojsík)