• Angelo Marletta

    Université Libre de Bruxelles

    Q: Is there any updated statistics available on the use of the European Supervision Order? Are there any known cases of ESOs issued in substitution of EAWs after the exchange of information/consultation between the executing and the issuing authority? (to Jana Gajdošová)

  • Pietro Fiocchi


    Q: In several cases of European arrest warrant put in place by European Countries we have registered excessive discretion. Today at least in Italy, there is a strong need to make this tool more effective and to improve it under the profile of binding and reciprocity. Do you think this path is practicable and that this need is shared by the majority of European countries? Don't you think that the political problem of mutual trust between judicial systems of European countries should be seriously addressed? Thank you (to Maité Pagazaurtundúa)