• Corina Rebegea

    Center for European Policy Analysis

    Q: Two questions, if I may: Do Renew Europe Group members envisage any role for the US during the Conference on the Future of Europe? The US has been engaged in the European construction from the very beginning and might be good to maintain that involvement. Second, how can the US and the EU work better together on deterring Russia and Russian malign actions? What concrete steps can we expect to see once the new US Administration takes office in January? Thank you very much.

  • Gauthier Budo

    Q: Talking about taxing the digital economy in case the US does not want to collaborate on the level of the OECD: how likely would it be for the EU to adopt the Digital Service Tax (DST) and the Significant Digital Presence (SDP) tax, knowing that it was already 'blocked' a few years ago because no agreement was reached amongst Member States?

  • Anders Larson

    DSMC Vienna

    Q: We are discussing rebuilding, resuscitating and 'saving' a great deal. Can and should we try to force a realignment when the EU, UK and USA, and the multiateral order which they upheld, are in a radically different realtionship, based upon the radically different states they find themselves in? My main question is this: Let's consider the possibility that the world order - as we knew it - is unable to be saved or resuscitated. IF it is, and it is a big if (and also please dont make that the focus) what would the panellists' preferential new multilateral order look like?

  • Alice Stollmeyer

    Defend Democracy

    Q: While much in favour of Biden's proposed "Summit for Democracy", how to ensure it will create durable "deliverables"? Should it become an international institution with annual gatherings of stakeholders (incl NGOs) that reforms or replaces the Community of Democracies (2000)? Perhaps a climate CoP-like process with working groups, accords & annual progress? (to Anthony Gardner)

  • Charles Sydney


    Q: Given the disengagement from NATO and the clear contempt of Europe during the republican presidency under Trump, do you think Macron's goal of increasing European strategic autonomy will help strengthen or weaken transatlantic relations long term ? Whatever Biden's multilateral leanings, can Europe rely on the USA in the long term? (to Michael Carpenter)