• Q: Wij do hou think of transfers beteren trains especcially highspeed and the success of the train to disneyland

  • Q: Given the impact of the current corona crisis, would increasing physical connectivity have serious investment doubts from public and private sectors? (to Jan-Christoph Oetjen)

  • Q: How do you envision this proposal to have a fruitful interaction between civic engagement/local actors and national/provincial gov't considering the ambition of a pan European network? (to Stijn Wenders)

  • Q: Do you see a role for private interests/businesses/civic society to initiate some of these projects? Do you have a vision for how to ensure a balance between public and private interests and involvement?

  • Justus Hartkamp


    Q: This ProRail study demonstrates that it is worth the effort to invest in international rail. Up to 8 million tonnes of CO2 emissions can be saved by replacing air travel by traintravel in the EU https://www.prorail.nl/nieuws/prorail-neem-ook-reizigerstreinen-mee-in-europese-green-deal

  • Manfred Treber


    Q: Am I right that NS appreciates TEE 2.0 and would you be part of organisers of TEE 2.0 ? Would you support to start a first TEE-line already next year? (to Heike Luiten)

  • Malavika Krishnan

    Vereninging Deltametropool

    Q: How would this proposal take into consideration connecting small cities/Peri urban areas which are becoming booming centres for logistics/trade and not just limited to the major cities around the western Europe which are already well connected?? (to Jan-Christoph Oetjen)

  • Q: When considering the enormous task of interconnecting the various high speed rail networks in the entire EU, do you have ideas of how to start inplementing it? Maybe through pilots? Or building upon existing networks such as SURE, or the String network (with ambitions of connecting Oslo, Göteborg, Stockholm, Malmö, Copenhagen and Hamburg, with large parts already completed)?

  • Q: How do you see the relationship between the member states and the EU when implementing a pan European system? Especially since it is largely decided, funded and put up for tenders at the national level?

  • Manfred Treber


    Q: What is your position on new concept TEE 2.0 to improve long distance trains in Europe, and do we know the positions of different member state governments (and rail companies) on TEE 2.0 - do they appreciate and would they cooperate in the implementation of TEE 2.0 ? (to Jan-Christoph Oetjen)

  • Q: If a buy a point to point ticket it would be nice if there is a HSL train to take me where I want to be. We have to talk about how we are going to organize the building of the HSR-network.

  • Q: A HSL is a great plan. If the EC in cooperation with the European Council create a HSL a ticket service will automatically come with it. We need infrastructure for HSL trains. How are you planning to address this issue?

  • Thomas Dillon

    Q: Would such a system/platform for buying tickets be comparable to the the CTrip/Trip platform used in China to buy tickets for trains, but also planes and even lodging? (to Stijn Wenders)

  • Dorien Rookmaker


    Q: Have we started yet?

  • J. Westra

    Q: What would be the role of the member states in developing an High-Speed Rail network?